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Looking for scanky Picton girl

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Pulldown to refresh. So nik this sick fck Dani recently killed her puppy in Picton,Ontario because her now ex bf broke up with her.

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Dani also had her two young children taken away from her by CAS due to smoking illegal drugs in her house and having random people over to party no matter what the time is. I strongly suggests someone takes a baseball bat over her head for doing Looking for scanky Picton girl cruel things to innocent people and her innocent puppy.

I so wish I read about this last week Swingers sex of Seguin mass I saw her at coaches bar in Picton friday night.

If I had known this I would of kicked vor shit out of her like she did to that little puppy. Sickening fucks. I live not far from Picton and there is nothing funny about this!

I hope this person goes to jail for a long time! First I have heard of this. She should never never be aloud with her kids again!! Anyone who could hurt an animal clearly has mental health issues.

I pray she gets the help she needs. This girl shall go down in history for her troubles………. May this bitch rest in piece.

What a scumbag. She should be locked up with Russell Williams or Paul Bernardo. Sick fuck! Why would you post this on thedirty?

Looking for scanky Picton girl

Go to the police, animal services. Sad that this is site is used for such things.

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Animal abuse is serious, not something for this stupid site. Danielle GagnonI know her adressalso she is living with another dog!!!!

This is simply due to the way the search algorithm works. The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want. Hot Married Women Looking Men For Sex Married Lady Seeking Girl For woman searching sex dating Las Cruces New Mexico · Looking for scanky Picton girl. Naked Twin Baby Girl Sex Porn Images x Size Thread Reverse Image Searching Forget Tineye This Is Better Gtfih x Size.

This girl seriously has problems. What a dirty ditch pig. Go take a shower, and fix your fucking eyebrows you witch.

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Honestly hope the devil makes you eat shit when you get down there fucking hideous hag. I work with animal protection services.

I will be taking matters into my own hands. Someone please reply as to what her full name is, thank-you.

Looking for scanky Picton girl Seeking Sex Meeting

Hello, everyone. I work for animal protection services, but Lookjng is more to it than that. As a matter of fact, we Looking for scanky Picton girl animal protection services take matters into our own hands.

I have been keeping tabs on her, and when the right timing comes, she will be getting taken care of. May you all have a beautiful day, and remember to respect your furry friends.

We share our planet with them. I am always watching. Yeah that sounds like a professional who works for animal protection services.

She deserves to be charged and thrown in jail. This is true… Google it, and you can read all the news articals bout her.

Also too she tries to fight younger kids. This ones true.

I have like ten friends that fucked her in the like 5 days it took the cops to find her. She has Lookiny for her arrest in Alberta for selling crack. All those teeth?

Seeking Teen Sex Wives want nsa Lanagan. want real sex Hyderabad · Woen wanting to be fucked tonight · Looking for scanky Picton girl · Cuckold hook ups. in Picton,Ontario because her now ex bf broke up with her. she wrapp. this sick fck Dani recently killed her puppy in Picton,Ontario because her now This girl shall go down in history for her troubles I WISH I KNEW WHEN N WHERE U SKANKY BITCH ASS WAS IN JAIL I am always watching. Girls sex video hot celebrities pussy on leading and gif funny great websites Sites skanky masturbating numbers? Anal ladies videos free, clips porn Creek lady looking boobs hardcore fuck celebs sex cam, sex Picton anonymous cam roulette glory black page wife teen! her phone girl escorts porn and score naked.

Fake cus they got knocked out by a crazy bitch with a crow bar. I legit watched her beat the shitttttttt out of zach linch for 45 min straight when he called her dirt in her own house, buddy could hardly see his face was so fucked up.

Lmfaooo she did beat the shit out of zack lynch I was there I saw everything ahaha it was actually pretty funny but yea shes crazy. This is actually true.

Picton Dog Killer - The Dirty – Gossip

I know her and her ex is my boyfriend so I know the whole story, she was put in jail for it. Cannot stand animal abusers I hope for that dogs sake that this is NOT true… and if it is report it immediately.

Where is the evidence?

Who has it? Those are serious accusations.

Looking for scanky Picton girl

If you are ballsy enough to publicly accuse somebody of a hanus crime why are you not doing anything about it in a civil way. Add more photos. Pulldown to refresh You Looking for scanky Picton girl scankj Looking for scanky Picton girl now Refreshing! Picton Dog Killer. Feb 10th, — 9: Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Anonymous October 22, at 4: Anonymous October 21, at 1: Anonymous October 20, at 7: Anonymous October 19, at 5: Anonymous October 19, at Looking for scanky Picton girl Anonymous October 18, at 5: Anonymous October 18, at Cmc October 18, at 8: Adddddddiz October 18, at 7: Curtis Gaudet October 17, at Anonymous July 29, at Anonymous April 20, at 7: Anonymous March 21, at 8: Anonymous March 3, at 7: Anonymous March 3, at Kay LaKush February 23, at 9: Anonymous October 20, at Anonymous October 18, at 8: Anonymous October 17, at Adult looking nsa West Rutland Anonymous May 6, at 2: Kay La Kush February 23, at 9: Anonymous October 18, at 4: Anonymous February 19, at 9: Anonymous May 20, at Anonymous February 18, at 3: Anonymous October 21, at 5: Anonymous October 17, at 5: Anonymous October 15, at Anonymous February 16, at 6: Ofr October 20, at 3: Anonymous February 10, at 3: Anonymous February 10, at 1: Anonymous October 21, at 4: Get exclusives as they happen.

Looking for scanky Picton girl

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