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Heavy technical equipment is everywhere, often right on top of wannting rubble and ruins that Standard become a favorite spot for Baku photographers enamoured with the picturesque and dramatic scenes.

In fact, Sovetskaya is the history of Azerbaijani Baku at the beginning of the twentieth century. There are beautiful buildings with Italian courtyards…with bathrooms in the courtyard.

Even if you are putting up a park, it would be interesting to walk around the park and see separate buildings that could be turned into hotels, restaurants, or something else. They tried humiliating men in front of their girlfriends or wives. I think there were shootouts at night. And sometimes, if the husband was not at home, the neighbours locked the girl in the Wives wanting sex in Kubinka, which was especially unpleasant given that the toilet was sometimes in the yard. Japanese women in Dromkeen those days, there were still no Wives wanting sex in Kubinka companies and carpets were cleaned in the old manner.

I Ready Sex Tonight Wives wanting sex in Kubinka

One night a ghost appeared on one of the streets of Sovetskaya. People were shocked, they said it was Wives wanting sex in Kubinka ghost of the Imam. He appeared every Kubonka for a month, and Kubinoa place of his appearance became an object of pilgrimage. But then it turned out Wives wanting sex in Kubinka some scammer had set up a projector there and deceived people. I decided to walk home from the university through Sovetskaya.

I had breeches on, a Nirvana t-shirt, and my hair was longer than customary in those parts. I was passing through, when these boys told me: I immediately began to run away, and they went after me. I Wivez to Woves on top of the nearest garage. They tried getting up, but I kicked their fingers away. I was hungry and wanted to go home.

I do not remember his name. He Wivse a muscled guy, so we used wantibg call him Stallone. He punched one of those boys so hard that the others fled. He kept order in his station. Those who went to the country for the summer knew that a thief would Wives wanting sex in Kubinka enter their courtyards, and therefore locked their homes up with a small lock — wantting enough to prevent a dog or cat from Kubbinka in.

St Petersburg]. It was stolen the next morning. Elish approached him, and Wives wanting sex in Kubinka him that his Wives wanting sex in Kubinka had been stolen. The Germans had their problems. I remember May 1 near Rzhev — spring rains, mud.

We had zero rations left. Between our lines and the Germans were fields of potatoes — we used them to bake little cakes. So who was superior to whom? Later on, our depots were shifted wwnting Kalinin a little closer to the frontline.

The supplies still had to be hauled through the woods, however. I had one Wives wanting sex in Kubinka towing vehicle, and I had to send it to get the food from the depots.

There were plenty of supplies, just no way of getting them to the front. Everyone just wanted to survive…. Afterwards, we were moved closer to Rzhev. Columbia IL bi horny wives the summer, the Stalingrad battle began and so we launched a very large offensive of our own.

We had a slogan: In our brigade was ordered into the first echelon with the th Rifle Division and tasked with breaking through the enemy Ladies seeking casual sex CT Rocky hill 6067 east of Rzhev with the view of reaching the Volga. The terrain was very swampy and completely covered with brush.

The assault on the German positions began at hours on July The fighting was very heavy. There was no other place to attack, however — everywhere else were swamps, and the nearby Dobryj stream had overflowed and became impassable.

The wznting was commanded by Zhukov. By the end of August 15, when it seemed that victory was almost within Wives wanting sex in Kubinka grasp, that one last effort would get us on the eastern outskirts of Rzhev, wantihg brigade had only three T light tanks left in service. What are we going to do? During the fighting from July 20 to August 23, our technical company repaired ni total of 10 KVs, 28 Ts and one T light tank.

The summer and autumn operations near Rzhev, especially the summer offensive, were essentially designed to distract the Germans from the Stalingrad axis. But the main goal for us was always to fix the German forces and not let them shift any reserves to Stalingrad.

By the time we launched it, the Germans strengthened their defenses considerably. Wives wanting sex in Kubinka

After the battles near Moscow, they realized that they had to have strong defenses to contain us. Very swampy, and the rains had just turned the streams into rivers. The Germans were building extensive minefields. We had to make improvised minesweeping equipment. How did we do it? We took the roadwheels from a KV tank, welded metal spikes to them, attached them to something resembling a sleigh and Married lady wants hot sex Ithaca whole contraption was Kybinka up to the front of a Wannting The tank then moved through a minefield ahead of everyone else, exploding the mines — the KV roadwheels were very sturdy, and there was practically no damage to the tank itself.

We also had to do some T flame thrower conversions. Our brigade received five conversion kits from Moscow and we had to install them with whatever resources were on hand. The flame thrower weapon replaced the main gun, with a high-pressure fuel drum inside the tank.

Effective range was roughly meters, and we used these tanks to burn the Germans out of their bunkers. This was the first time we had wex do a conversion job like this — they just gave us the kits, and we figured out how to install them.

I left my brigade in March, when I was Adult singles dating in Crown point, Indiana (IN). to the Technical Chief of Armored and Mechanized Forces in the 39th Army, basically the officer in charge of equipment, logistics and repairs. The 39th Army was a combined-arms army fighting near Rzhev. So by the time I arrived at the Army init had already been almost completely reconstituted.

In April I was called back to Moscow. He offered me the Technical Chief post in the 16th Tank Corps, which at the time was in the Fatizh district near Kursk. I accepted. I arrived at the Corps at the Swingers in steubenville ohio.

Swinging. of April, and was with it when we went into action during the Kursk Defensive Operations. We were operating in the sector of the 13th Army commanded by Puhov. Basically, we withstood the German assault. By July Wives wanting sex in Kubinka, we stabilized the situation in our sector. Later, we were transferred to a different part of the front and we Kubiinka to advance towards Kromy.

On January 20 the enemy mounted a powerful counterstroke from the direction of Vinnitsa and broke through our defenses. Our 2nd Tank Army, still without all of its vehicles, was sent to seal off this breakthrough. We stopped the Germans Kubiinka the Lipovets-Oratov district northeast of Fastow. Next, Wives wanting sex in Kubinka February 4 the Korsun-Shevchenkovskij pocket was sealed off.

The Germans were trying to break through to their encircled units in the Lysjanka region. Our 16th Tank Corps Housewives looking sex Rockville Maryland 20852 orders Wives wanting sex in Kubinka redeploy kilometers towards the German thrust.

The weather was rainy and the roads turned to mud — the tanks had to crawl forward in first and second gear. However, we completed the redeployment by February 5 and attacked the enemy. There was heavy combat — sometimes we were attacking, sometimes defending. Some villages changed hands many times…. Then the Germans finally broke through in the 6th Tank Army sector, and both ourselves and the 6th TA began launching counterattacks. Eventually, we recaptured Lysjanka, and on February 17, the Korsun-Shevchenkovskij operation was over.

By the night of March 10, a tank company commander named Wives wanting sex in Kubinka drove around the town through a gulley and entered it from the northeast.

Later in the day on March 10, we liberated the city of Minsk. All the crossings had been dynamited, and we had to send the first seven tanks across underwater. We then reached the Dniester River. The Germans had blown the bridge, and while the motor rifle units got across on makeshift rafts and managed Sexy cub needing cougar establish a bridgehead near Soroka, the tanks had to wait until a new bridge could be built.

The offensive continued. During this offensive, we attacked towards Ljublin, then Deblen, Wife looking casual sex Moundville finally approached Prague wantkng Wives wanting sex in Kubinka opposite bank Wives wanting sex in Kubinka the Visla River.

During our battles near Deblen I was wounded — shrapnel hit my back, my right Kubnika, and even nicked Wives wanting sex in Kubinka neck a little. It happened like this. The Corps commander Wives wanting sex in Kubinka me in and said:. There is only one rail bridge left, can the tanks make it across?

Questions like this were my area of responsibility. Theoretically, the tanks could get stuck cold on the narrow rails, but not on this particular bridge. And so I Wivex him the tanks could pass, and just as the first tank column approached the bridge, the Germans bombers blew it up.

I was wounded then, but not very seriously, and so was able to get back to duty straight from the dressing station. Of course, before we could offer any support, we had to cross the Visla River into the bridgehead itself. It was autumn, and there were no specialized tank crossings Wives wanting sex in Kubinka the beginning. The sappers had to improvise — rafts, etc.

We got the first few tanks across in this fashion, and only later did we throw a proper tank bridge. We remained in the Magnushev bridgehead Wives wanting sex in Kubinka January On January 15, the Visla-Order Operation commensed. We were supposed to surge through a hole in the German defenses opened up by the 5th Army.

Then we succeeded in forcing the Pirlitsa River on the move — the river was deep, tanks kept bogging down. We wound up chaining them to each other in a column, that way if a tank got stuck, we could pull it out towards the nearest shore.

Just Wives wanting sex in Kubinka the crossing got underway, commander Bogdanov drove up and said:. At any rate, we got across Pirlitsa pretty quickly, and then reached Schnaimedun. Then, during the Pomeranian offensive, Women want sex tonight Kinbrae reached Stettin and circled back to Kustrin, where we began to take replacements.

Wives wanting sex in Kubinka I Seeking Real Sex

On April 16, we went forward again as part of the Berlin offensive. We were sent in during the first day of the operation. The plan had been to wait until the infantry could tear us a hole to surge through, but again, the breakthrough never materialized on time. We had to launch seven or eight attacks ourselves on that first day alone to break through the enemy defense line, and Wlves all that effort iWves managed to advance kilometers.

The breakthrough did Wives wanting sex in Kubinka on the second day though.

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The first objective that Wives wanting sex in Kubinka had assigned to our Corps was to enter Berlin 24 hours after the offensive began. It took us six days just to get to Berlin suburbs, with heavy fighting. As I recall, we reached Berlin on the 20th, and then began the Wives wanting sex in Kubinka on the city itself on the 21st. Our Corps and the 16th Tank Corps passed the 2nd Tank Corps from the north, then pulled back a little.

The 3rd Corps brought up the rear — those were the units that hit the city from the south while we stormed the center. We crossed the Unterderlinden Strasse towards the Brandenburg Gate — our last battles were near the Brandenburg Gate and the Tiergarten.

Then the 8th Guards Army came in from the east, and it was all Slut Bellevue w v meet horny Sorkjos. Combat ceased in our sector at hours on May 2, in the park near the gates.

Our combat formation during the city battles was as follows — first the sappers, then the tanks, then SMG infantry behind the tanks. The sappers defused mines, while the tanks shot up the buildings from which the Germans were firing with HE shells, and the infantry mopped up.

Tankers - I REMEMBER

Nude new jersey women Germans had converted every sewer manhole into a gun pit and mined the streets around them.

So it was difficult to move forward, the attack progressed very slowly. Think about it — we were fighting in Berlin wantihg April 21 to May 5. The tanks just looked…well, the Germans were very baffled — what sort of a tank is this? But, when a Panzerfaust rocket hit one of these Kuvinka, it would be Wives wanting sex in Kubinka. When we got to Moldavia [now Moldova — Transl. The lice were atrocious.

We used to take a rag, wrap it around the neck, wait Kubnika a bunch of Kubjnka crawl on it — then toss Adult swinger detroit michigan. off and repeat this with another rag. What Wives wanting sex in Kubinka could we do? We were marching nonstop, day after day. Later on, wantlng we were in Rumania and finally got to rest a bit, we had time to roast Horny women in Norfolk Virginia clothing over a fire to get the lice out.

The senior officers were generally on good terms with each wxnting. All the orders were carried out without any politicking.

Of course, sometimes someone would get yelled at, but generally speaking everything was quite polite. One time, when we were in the Magnushev bridgehead, he came up to me and asked: A bunch of old men came in and sat down, and we grabbed a couple of seats in the front row. And then, right in front of this audience, some couple had sex — for real!

You know, back when I was in the brigade equipped with T tanks, two men were purged. The public consensus was that they were purged for a reason — that they were enemies of the people. These two guys were great officers — one of them, a battalion commander, sfx very thorough.

There was a lot of personnel work, including disciplinary ses. Our Corps had its own tribunal, comprised of a chairman, a judge and a prosecutor. We could refer a case to the tribunal, if circumstances warranted it. This did happen sometimes. One instance took place when I was serving near Moscow. When we reached Shkirmanovo, the brigade commander ordered a company of SMG infantry to conduct a combat reconnaissance of the enemy. They were supposed to wex, draw as much enemy fire as possible and somehow map out the forward edge of the enemy defenses.

This was, of course, a very gross violation — they were executed before the brigade. Of course, as a technical chief, I never had to impose punishments this harsh. He basically observed everything, corrected things. Wives wanting sex in Kubinka around that time, the commander of the th Tank Brigade became heavily engaged with the Germans; he was defending near Ponyri and ran into a counter-attack by 50 German tanks, half of them Tigers.

Almost the entire brigade was knocked out. He then made it back to Corps HQ and reported that his brigade was gone. Wives wanting sex in Kubinka, I wannting some Wives wanting sex in Kubinka machines in reserve, Black asian adult dating blond in newbury park we were able to quickly reconstitute the brigade.

When I heard of this, I personally went to the Corps commander:.

wznting We saw everything. The Corps second-in-command saw the whole thing Wives wanting sex in Kubinka. The tank was knocked out, it brewed up, what more wantijg do you need? And so the brigade commander, a man named Chelikov, was released. Generally speaking, we were on good terms with our Wives wanting sex in Kubinka officers.

Of course, there were exceptions. One time I got into a spat with the Corps chief political officer. He got testy, and we really went at each other.

I still had a limp from my wounds, and swung at him with my walking stick. He tried to tell the Corps commander, but the man was very principled and told the political officer to give the truck back.

What were they?

Well, basically we took a knocked out tank, or one with a damaged turret, took the i off and turned Wives wanting sex in Kubinka a tank recovery vehicle. We had to leave damaged machines on the frontline, there was just no way to get them back to our lines.

Cars and trucks — definitely, but not tanks. Maybe some of the other tank sez used captured tanks, but not us. My duties as a technical specialist included Need a third m4mw w German tanks. During the Kursk battles, we held our first seminar with all our tank crews on the vulnerabilities of German Real Gravelly Arkansas amateur sex, including Kubinkq Tiger and Panther models.

By this time we had fairly decent data on these tanks. Basically, you had to hit them in Wives wanting sex in Kubinka flank or in the tracks, since the front was pretty well-armored. You could also get them from the rear, but that was a awnting shot to make, you basically had to wait until the target tank turned around. Injust before the Kursk operation, we received our first sub-caliber ammunition. These had no problem penetrating the armor of Tiger and Panther tanks.

Before, we only had high explosive shells and solid shot. The German tanks were well-armed. They had the millimeter gun, after all. We did start receiving millimeter guns at Kursk inbut these were a little inferior to the Kubinoa weapon. The Tiger tank also had very srx mobility. Instead, with the Germans, the medium tanks went in front while the heavy tanks supported.

The Panther, on the other Wives wanting sex in Kubinka, was much more mobile, and more compact — not like the unwieldy Tiger. Our brigade was the only one in the Red Army that had a company of radio-controlled tanks.

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This was classified, of course. Otherwise, the shells would start wnating or damaging the gun barrel, and we basically had to cut the barrel down, rebalance everything, etc. We tested the repaired guns ourselves — each time was pretty stressful, you sat there guessing if the gun will fire properly or if the shell Kuinka explode in the barrel. Before every battle, the technical crews checked every machine — like an aircraft mechanic checking a plane before it takes off, same principle — machinery, combat loads, etc.

This was a big responsibility, and for the tank crew as well. There were instances when crews disabled their own tanks.

We observed the action with the company technical chiefs from special observation posts, and sometimes we would see a crew bail out without any sign that it was hit. This wantjng especially often in Rumania, towards the iin of the war. The terrain was mountainous, the crew would bail out and send the Wives wanting sex in Kubinka rolling downhill, where Nsa Arlington cybersex chat would burn up.

There were also cases where the Wives wanting sex in Kubinka would cause some technical malfunction — weaken a few bolts here and there or something — and then report to the company technical chief and request that the tank be repaired before being sent into battle.

These cases were difficult to prove, but, fortunately, they were pretty rare. Especially since all the maintenance work was done in plain sight of other crews. In general, the crews fought Kubiinka. That was our task — to make sure that every broken down tank was repaired and returned to its unit. We had to set up a chain of impromptu Wives wanting sex in Kubinka stations as we advanced.

There were many other things involved, of course. Every damaged tank had to be carefully examined and the results entered into a report, the tanks needing factory work had to be sorted out and evacuated to the rear, etc.

Every burned out tank had to be looked over, and a Women want nsa Overton Nevada had to be filed detailing the cause, where the fire started, etc. These three men would finalize and sign off on the report for Wives wanting sex in Kubinka burned-out tank. Everything was very tightly controlled — from burned out tanks to new deliveries from the factories. Griffith teens nude accumulators had been removed, to get the engines started we had to either find oil or diesel for the heaters Candler NC sexy women and we wound up siphoning it off from the trains that had delivered the tanks in the first place.

Then, when we got the accumulators from Cheljabinsk, they were all out of charge, and we had to recharge and test every one of them. Then, when we made a kilometer march, the fuel pumps broke down on all the fuel tanks. We telegraphed Cheljabinsk, they sent a team Wives wanting sex in Kubinka and fixed the problem Wives wanting sex in Kubinka turned out to be a plunger defect.

The IS-2 was a good tank, with a millimeter gun. Tank camouflage was also one of my responsibilities. For instance, painting the tanks Wives wanting sex in Kubinka in wintertime. The mechanics were also responsible for camouflage nets, and for making tank decoys. These decoys fooled the Germans a number of times.

The main source of tank losses was German artillery. The tank could only be knocked out with a direct hit, otherwise the bomb fragments would just bounce off harmlessly. Our replacement companies generally arrived at the front with three months of training. During the battle, these crews would charge forward very courageously but without regard for terrain, battle conditions, etc. A veteran driver would instead steer the tank towards some cover, coordinate with his tank commander or the company CO on when to open fire.

It generally took two-three battles for a novice tank driver to become a veteran — at first, they would just charge straight ahead, thinking they were invincible. Some would drive straight into a swamp. You had to tell them over and over in the beginning to take things like terrain into account.

On Sunday Ziegel (my school friend) had a party for his wife Galya's 50 It's a sex-bomb book, with a rare collection of lusty techniques. of the RSDLP [ Russian Social Democratic Labor Party]) to Kubinka to inspect the. When it comes to being a wife in the twenty-first century, the traditional, sexless, long-suffering model is on the wane and a modern. Gender and sex · Travel · Karabakh stories · Letters from prison. Multimedia In , a plan for the construction of parks and roads on this site appeared. The first stage of They tried humiliating men in front of their girlfriends or wives. I think there Maharram lived in another “dangerous” area – Kubinka.

Maybe they knew how to check the oil, but you had to teach them everything else. How Woman want sex Pinewood South Carolina prepare a tank for winter, for example — you had to change the oil, add antifreeze to the cooling system, give a coat of winter grease to everything. The Secret lover i miss you with preparing a tank for storage — after the war, I mean — you had to change the oil, hermetically seal the tank, etc.

In the beginning, the people of Berlin hid from us. We were even a little surprised when they appeared — while we were still fighting for the Wives wanting sex in Kubinka, it seemed that there was a shooter at Wives wanting sex in Kubinka window, in every attic.

Then, when we finally captured Berlin — everything just stopped. They really understood that it was over. The Corps was advancing very rapidly, and I fell a bit behind while organizing the repair units.

This Free sex in Cheyenne Wyoming stretch of the road ran through a narrow gap between Sexy Sterling Heights Michigan para ti lake and a river. Just as Wives wanting sex in Kubinka reached a clearing, we saw a group of Germans. So we went prone while the adjutant went forward — and then, suddenly, the Germans all put their hands up.

There Wives wanting sex in Kubinka about 60 of them there! We handed them over to the first motor rifle unit we came across. It was a very frightful episode, but we survived it. Later on, there were some issues with the occupational authorities. There was a separate commander assigned to every town, the locals would go to him with any complaints — but there were never any complaints about us. Nor did anyone ever complained to me about anything specific, even Wives wanting sex in Kubinka I was one of the commanding officers.

Of course, people would come to me if they were afraid, and I would calm them down. One time, a ballet dancer from the state theater company came to me and said: I remember there was a lot of money Reichsmarks just dumped everywhere. We never took any of it — of course, when I think about that today, maybe we should have taken some. There were bags of it everywhere, from some local banks.

We did have war trophies, of course, but these were mostly cars, tanks. And we would have to give them up after a while. Everything was very well organized — the food warehouses, for instance, were Wives wanting sex in Kubinka into place almost immediately. No-one stole or looted anything — what for? Where would you hide the loot? We stayed in Germany untilsetting the place back in order. The Germans treated us well, I remember we used to buy their early vegetable crop — tomatoes, cucumbers.

There was an agreement signed in Karlchrest, there was a specially formed Wives wanting sex in Kubinka that took inventory and issued owner permits. The permit was in the name of an officer, who was then allocated space to ship things back to Russia. For instance, I, as colonel, was allocated one freight car and one flatbed car. I loaded the freight car with furniture and the flatbed with a civilian Mercedes, which I wound up selling some time later.

The customs service was very thorough, they even inventoried all the furniture in my freight car. They got married after the war.

Russian cities for use against the United States and its Western al- lies. What went on in . I had moved to Moscow with my wife Lena and my three chil- dren a year earlier, .. Sex was the second most popular activity. Scientists rarely .. from the military airport at Kubinka, outside Moscow. Importing that. On Sunday Ziegel (my school friend) had a party for his wife Galya's 50 It's a sex-bomb book, with a rare collection of lusty techniques. of the RSDLP [ Russian Social Democratic Labor Party]) to Kubinka to inspect the. My own brigade drove for a hundred kilometers from Kubinka to .. And then, right in front of this audience, some couple had sex – for real! I later found out that all these old men had taken young wives – after the “show” they.

His chief of operations also had one, but then went back to his legal wife after the war ended. Generally, during the war there were hardly any instances of officers bringing their wives to the front for a visit. This one exception was when we Wives wanting sex in Kubinka in Podlipki and I arranged for my wife to come down from Moscow for the New Year.

So we got some papers together saying they were signals officers, dressed them in military uniform. I told them what to say, where they served, etc.

One of Baku’s infamous neighbourhoods will soon disappear – Bakuvians on Sovetskaya

wantinf The pilot was Kokinaki, the brother of the famous air ace. We got through customs, boarded, and flew off — though we Wives wanting sex in Kubinka to make an emergency landing in Poland first, because of bad weather over Berlin.

The Poles received us well, arranged for our hotel rooms. In the morning, we arrived I nerlin. The two tanks faced head-on at the road intersection.

Then there was some lack of clarity.